Participate in on-going experiments

The River Memory Experiment

Alberto Montanari, Serena Ceola and Attilio Castellarin
University of Bologna

Provide decision makers with updated probabilities of the occurrence of extreme events.

Constraining models

R.C. Nijzink
TU Delft

To gain understanding about added value of different sources of information (e.g., remote sensing products and analytical approaches) in constraining hydrological models inputs and outputs.

Rhine model

Rick Hooper

Rather than considering the landscape as a series of nested basins, the WRF-Hydro model has as its atomic unit a river reach and the landscape draining into it.

Snowline changes

Juraj Parajka
TU Wien

How does the snowline elevation change during snowmelt runoff events? What factors control this change? What are the spatial and temporal differences across Europé?


Ilias Pechlivanidis, and others
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

Compare seasonal hydrological forecasting skill from a number of hydrological models under different hydro-climatic conditions