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Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions!
Your points are very interesting and I will try to include them in the manuscript.
Unfortunately, we probably do not have enough time for extensive additional analysis (collecting data for all of the rivers and performing again the basis of the analysis) as we should be discussing a final form of the manuscript in about a month’s time.

However, including some climatic information for the rivers is feasible and I will try to do that.
Also, if you already have actual daily rainfall series for some of the rivers (showing significant correlation) of length >50 years, could you please email them to me? If length is greater (say around 100 years), we could check persistent effects there too. In general, they need not be many, as this would be included only as a case study in order to comment at some extent on the effect of rainfall/hydroclimatic processes in river memory.

In any case, I will provide an improved version of the manuscript based on your suggestions in approximately a month, and we can move on from there.

Thanks a lot again for this exciting collaboration!