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María J. Polo

Thank you for the draft report; I think it is a clear representation of the goals of this experiment and I found the overall results really interesting and concluding on the main focus of the work. I also welcome this open discussion initiative, which makes it richer not only the discussion-process itself but also the final work to be done. I find the whole protocol reliable and clear to apply elsewhere, which is also a really worthy result of the work. Thanks!
Previous posts have been really interesting. Some additional comments follow:
• Despite it is a large set of data, I miss some additional description of the cases included in the analysis. Table 1 a good example of resuming key information for this, but I think that information about relevant climate descriptors of the contributing areas to each case, grouped up to shorten the table, is really needed to offer a clear scenario of the overall variability of examples of included, and the likely facts beyond the differences found (or not). Topographic-hydrological descriptors may be useful too.
• I agree with some of our colleagues’ posts about the inclusion of scatterplots of seasonal correlations against physical predictors. The physical interpretation underlying the results of the analysis is one of the motivations I find most appealing when going through this kind of experiments.
• I found the section devoted to the PCA description a bit lengthy, but maybe because we’re really used to applying this analysis. I’m not sure if a shorter text and some references to read further would be welcome by the reader or not.
• There seems to be some word missing and some typo in line 450.
• I wonder about rivers in southern Europe and I apologize for not including additional datasets on this. I understand this may arrive too late to say and I assume my fault!
Thank you again for the work and putting all together, I’m really looking forward to going on this experiment and final work. Thank you!
¡Hasta pronto!
María J.