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Duro Parajka

this is a very interesting analysis and a very clearly written report. thank you.
I have a few suggestions which can be considered to complement the analysis and interpretations:
1) looking on the location of the basins, they cover very different climate and physiographic conditions in Europe, so perhaps some more interpretation of results along a north-south transect will be interesting. this may include a link of results with above mentioned climate (precipitation, climate class, etc) characteristics. Do we have basin boundaries for all analysed basins? (for Austrian we can provide them). if yes, we can use e-obs dataset to extract some climate related characteristics for the basins.
2) I see some links with our flood change experiment. maybe be some of the patterns can be explained by trends in peak-over threshold flood time series, which are analysed in our experiment.
3) for the interpretation of flood correlations (at least in Austria), some assessment of soil moisture (and its changes) will be interesting. maybe there are some open soil moisture datasets for Europe, which might be worth to look at (this is just a suggestion)

thank yoy again.
I look forward to a draft of the paper…